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The National Science & Technology Education Partnership (NSTEP) was originally established

in 1977 as the Electronics Industry Foundation.  The mission of this non-profit, 501 (c)(3)

organization was to harness the power, interest and good will of the electronics industry for

the advancement of science and technology education in America’s classrooms.  Our industry

recognizes this country’s declining math and science test scores and wishes to be part of the


Our programs motivate students to become excited about achievement in science and technology.  In 2008 NSTEP began offering a cutting edge online peer-to-peer tutoring program called NSTEP Study Buddy.  This on-line homework assistance program uses the latest interactive collaborative technology available on the internet to offer math tutoring and homework help to students who could not otherwise obtain it.  NSTEP links volunteer tutors with struggling students over the internet so that economics and geography are no longer a bar to success in math.  The linking of high school student tutors, one-on-one and online, with struggling middle and high school math students creates a community of role models for the struggling students in a unintimidating and exciting environment.

NSTEP is proud to offer Study Buddy tutoring to promote and improve student success in math, science and technology for our country's students.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at

nstep@nstep-online.org or call (703)907-7400.

Imagination Today, Technology Tomorrow!


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